Monday, September 14, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Fifteen

Hello my lovely people.
I survived work and have been busy again today. I learnt a new skill today. I learnt how to change a car tyre. Thank you very much to the man in the parking lot who helped mum and i in the Perth Convention Centre Car park. He helped us get the bolts off the tyre because they had been mechanically tightened. I now know how to do it myself too! What a great piece of knowledge to pass on. I did everything else myself, mostly with mums directions. You learn something new every day! :) I am so grateful to be on the receiving end of a kindness too! :) Good things do come back to you when you need it! 

So Sustainable September ideas for tomorrow is based on something I did today...

September 15: Go to Cafe or Restaurant or eatery that has sustainable practices and is environmentally friendly, and grab something to eat or drink (and maybe ask for a tour if you want).

The following photos are from my trip today to one of my most favourite Sustainable Cafe/restraunts in Perth, Western Australia. Its called the Green House Perth. I wrote about it last year and it is worth sharing again. :)

One of the most awesome things that Green House Perth does is give discounts on their take away coffees for those who bring their own reusable cups! Save 50c AUD! :) Pretty good!!
My super fancy Chai Latte that was made with Freshly made almond milk, in which the Chai tea was steeped. Sooooooo delicious!!!

This was the menu topper. Mum and I had a delicious and light lunch today.
they have even updated their Toilets because they are saving water by using the clean water that would usually just end up in the cistern, as the water to wash your hands! So clever! I love this idea! :) 

I am a bit bummed I didn't take a photo of the fresh and delicious food. I love the way that almost everything that is used to create the atmosphere is either recycled, repurposed or reused. I love that the bottles from the alcohol that they serve (yes they are a licenced bar too!) are used as the bottles for water on the table. I love that they use an old popcorn dispenser as the glass cabinet that they keep their muffins and cupcakes in for display for sale. I love that they used Bread Crates in the cement in the ground, using the waste from some places and incorporating it into their build. Everything seems thoughtful and considered. Even their food waste goes in to make compost. Often which they give away! :) so that is awesome!!! :)

I hope you have a great time trying out a new place, and a new way of eating - supporting those who use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This is the fun part of Sustainable September! Adventuring! :) hehehe.

Sending love,
from Daena x

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