Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Twenty Four

Hey wonderful friends,

So did you have a chance to refuse a receipt? I did. And I was proud of myself for remembering to do it.

Well you would think by this point I would have run out of ideas. Well... yes and no. I have planned some ideas coming up for the weekend. Things that if you work during the week you might not be able to do. So I've saved them for the weekend. And now its just ideas for the midweek, thankfully there are not too many days left of Sustainable September. There are so many things that could be used... finding the right one is often a little trickier. Balancing simplicity and harder ideas to help people all along the journey of Sustainability.

One interesting thing though was that I was reading about the Global Development Goals today. Yes... that IS how exciting my work is! :) And I came across an interesting article that talked about the importance of creating little to no waste.

“Targets that will need a reversal in current trends to be met are reducing income inequality, lowering the number of people living in slums, protecting coral reefs, mitigating climate change and producing less waste, the ODI report said.” (Reuters 2015). 

If we actually want to reach our Global Development Goals and reduce poverty in the world, we need to produce less waste. Aiding the Global Development Goals is an obvious kindness we can all do. It is important support those less fortunate than ourselves. I am so glad that I have already started on this journey. Both kindness and reduced waste. I am glad I was introduced to Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, and the first thing that led me to this idea the video by Lauren Singer.

So to the idea for today...

September 24: Install a Rainwater Tank. 

Photo from PJT Green Plumbing

Photo from Team Poly
This would normally be a weekend idea, however, even if you do the research tomorrow and install on the weekend, its better than nothing. There are so many options these days for water tanks. Rainwater is a great way to preserve water. In Australia water is so important to sustaining life in the harsh climate. Every year in Western Australia there are water restrictions during summer.

This is clearly a larger idea and is definitely the most expensive idea so far. It can be a problem for people who rent. Or people on low incomes. This may also be the hardest idea so far. it may also be one of the best ideas if you can make the initial investment. There are now underground rainwater tanks and a few other awesome ideas. Google can help you finding what is right for you.

KINDNESS IDEA: Help the birds (and bees) in your area by leaving out water in hot weather.
Birds love bird baths as it can provide needed water in the summer months, or warmer months. Bees need this too (although super shallow water bowls so they don't drown). Bees are really important to our food production so need to be supported, particularly as their number have been dwindling in recent years.

I hope this finds you all well.
Much love,
Daena x

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