Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Fourteen

Hello my beautiful followers,

Yesterday and today I've been hard at work, so this Sustainable September idea is a short and sweet one.

Image from: Whiteley Creek Homestead Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota, USA
September 14: Buy your bread directly from the bakery, and get them to put it in a fabric bread bag or pillow case instead of a plastic bag.
Image from: MLG International (on this link they sell bread bags)

To be honest, I no longer eat bread at all. I have had some serious health issues that have and continue to stop me eating grains at all. So this is not an idea for me personally.  However the principal still is important.
Picture from: Elsie Green (Swedish bread bags for sale in link).
If you are super keen in reducing your plastic waste, you could even make your own bread. There are many bread recipes on the magic 'Google' machine. Just type in what type of bread you like or even "simple bread recipe" and you should have hundreds of options to go on. Best thing about baking your own bread... the smell! Oh... how I love the smell of freshly baked bread in my house. Even if I can't eat it.

There is one bread recipe that is not too bad for me, that is mainly made with nuts and seeds. I have had to change out the Rolled Oats for Rolled Quinoa (a seed), it's called The Life Changing Bread recipe. It smells delicious. Mmmmmmm...bread.

KINDNESS IDEA: made some bread and share it with your neighbour. Please make sure that it is safe for your neighbours to eat. Some people, like me, have grain intolerances, other have nut allergies... so please be kind and generous in response to these health issues. A kind gesture of offering is often enough for someone to know your are thinking of them.

Have a wonderful day everyone,
Much love,

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