Friday, September 4, 2015

Sustainable September 2015 - Day Five

Hello my wonderful Sustainable September people. 

How are you today?

Sydney is stunning. I've been watching the sun rise over the city and watching it sparkle on the sea as it rises. It is a pretty new experience watching the sun RISE over the Ocean here in Sydney. Considering I am a Western Australian girl, the sun always SETS over the Ocean there. So seeing and getting used to the Beach and sunrise/sunset has been a really interesting scenario. 

Today's sustainable September might seem strange at first but bear with me as I explain why it is a good idea. And why you should do it in the long term, not just today. 

For interesting facts about tea visit How Benefits Tea
September 5: Change teabags to Loose leaf teas.
Don't drink coffee? Then you are a lot like me. Do you drink Tea instead? Or maybe you just like the occasional cuppa before bed. A good camomile can help with sleep... trust me on that one! 

 Did you know that many tea bags are actually made out of fine plastic? Here is an article from The Guardian in 2010 about the UK. A lot of the same companies have tea bags here in Australia. 

How can you change that? You can change Tea Bags for loose leave teas and reduce the plastic in your life. All you need is a tea strainer and some delectable loose leaf teas! Yummy. 

I have a HUGE collection of loose leaf teas at home. Depending on my mood I can either make a cup or a pot and because I have so many delicious flavours there is one for every occasion. The advantage is less waste, particularly if you buy in bulk, and plastic free tea! Plus the tea leaves can then be chucked into my compost bin. win/win. 

IF you want help on how to brew Loose Leaf Teas check out the following website, appropriately labelled Tea Galaxy 

KINDNESS IDEA: Brew a pot of tea at work or home and invite a neighbour or collegue to share it with you.

I hope this finds you all well... and with a warm mug in your hands.  

Love Daena xx 

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