Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Eight



How are you doing? I have been doing my best to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

I got some more work done on my chair today at my Upholstery class. Because i am REUSING this chair & a lot of its bits as best i can by REDUCING the amount of stuff going to landfill. Because chairs like mine often end up chucked away rather than RECYCLED.

For those of you who know nothing about 'my chair', it was a wingback chair i picked up from the side of the road over a year ago. I have been dismantling it for ages, and only now am i building it back up.  

Sustainable September Day Eight - Bring your own cutlery instead of using disposable ones.

Why cutlery?

If you have been following sustainable September for the last few years you will know... this one if fairly new to me. I didn't think I was using disposable cutlery all that often... but it turns out I was.

" estimates 40 billion plastic utensils are used every year in just the United States. The majority of these are thrown out after just one use and end up in landfills and waterways." (Eating our way out of the plastic waste dilemma from ). For more information check out the link. 
Learning statistics can be scary. 

So last month I decided to invest in a premade cutlery pouch from a local-to-me eco friendly supplier called Undisposed to reduce the waste I was already accumalating.

I now have a cutlery pouch that I always carry with me in my handbag.

I add a metal straw to it because it works well inside the kit. I use it regularly. The biggest problem I have is remembering to take it out and wash it regularly (not just after it's used, it's in my handbag after all) and also washing the fabric kit it goes in. Thankfully bamboo has a wonderful antibacterial quality.

The kit in the photos used to have bamboo chopsticks too, however i accidentally put them through the diswasher rather than handwash them and they kind of died. So i need to get some more.

I love that they are bamboo because it means that i can chuck them in the compost once i finish with them (like i sadly had to do with two broken chopsticks).

ACTIVITY: Upcycle your old or preused plastic cutlery into something that will last longer. Check out these christmas themed candle holders.

Like always, I put a disclaimer on videos like this that upcycle. There is no point going out and buying these things if it means you have to chuck away parts that you would have never bought in the first place. This is for those times when you have a whole heap of left over things that you would prefer get used instead of thrown in the bin. It is not perfect... im sure there are lots of ideas you could come up with and if not check out Pinterest!

I love Pinterest. It is dangerous though. So make sure you set some time up to have a look... or you'll find yourself down the rabbit hole 3 hours later with 15 new recipes for your friends who are vegans, the newest looks in Capsule wardobes, 100 ways to turn woodern pallets into everything under the sun, a whole new way of baking cakes so they look like rainbows, and 45 quick sewing patterns. Pinterest is like that... dangerous to the unprepared! But so wonderful for creative people like me.

Anyway, i hope this finds you all well,
Love Daena xx

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