Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Twenty



Did you know we are two-thirds of the way through sustainable September 2017! Wow... time flies when you are having fun!

For those who are still doing some of the things that we talked about early in the month. The Sustainable September idea of taking your own cup to a cafe has been rather successful. 

 There is often a sign outside the cafe (like this one) that will tell you if the cafe gives you a discount when you bring in your own Keep Cups! One of our local cafes gives a 50c discount when you bring in your own reusable coffee cup! I think that is awesome! 

I also wanted to share with you all a kindness I did in the theme of reusable cups. I gave a friend a reusable mug to take with her to work and anywhere really. Now she has it and has used it a couple times I thought it would be okay now to share the photo of the reusable cup. Because you'll get to know her name with this one! :) 

What did you decide to do with your baking soda activity today? Did you find any other uses for it in the cleaning of your home? 

I remembered after I wrote the post yesterday that The Slow Home Podcast had another awesome episode about Bi-Carb Soda and a couple other simple and awesome environmentally friendly options for cleaning. So check out the link to that episode here. The Slow Home Podcast Episode 144. It should look something like this on your podcast app of choice. 

Sustainable September Day Twenty: Window Cleaning. 

This is another idea that uses things you already have around the house that means that you don't need to buy environmentally harmful chemicals for your home. 

It's as simple as vinegar and newspapers! Check it out here...

ACTIVITY: get down a dirty or should I say clean and clean those windows. 

I hope these ideas and links help you make greener choices and give you awesome cheaper ideas when it comes to cleaning your house. 

With love. 
Daena x

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