Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Four



Hi everyone,

How was your recycling challenge? Did you learn something new yesterday? If so, what did you find to be the most useful thing from the blog? What would you like to know about in the future?

The next week of Sustainable September will all be about Tiny Changes. Little things you can do to make the world of difference. Eco Kindnesses that anyone can do.

Today is all about Water Bottles.

Sustainable September Day Four: Buy and use a reusable water bottle and take it with you every where you go.

WE have already talked about the problems with single use plastics and how bad they are for the environment. check the last few days posts for more information on these.

So in terms of REDUCE - Don’t purchase single use plastic water bottles. If you have to buy a single use water bottle, buy glass instead. REUSE glass bottles where you can and if you can't RECYCLE them.

ME: It took me a little while to find the right type of reusable bottle I like. My problem is that I really like 1L bottles and so it took me a special effort to find 2 water bottles that fit that criteria. Last year (and the few years before it) I had a stainless steel water bottle that I had bought in Ireland in 2013.
This is me with my waterbottle in 2014 long before it was lost to me.
Then recentl I lost it on one of my adventures. Somewhere out there in the world is a water bottle with a celtic pattern on it. I hope someone took it with them and reuses it still.

Then I found and bought a teal plastic reusable water bottle that fits my 1L capacity criteria. 

I used it all the time for about 6months. Then I misplaced this one too and thought it had gone missing like my first water bottle. I wasn’t sure where it went, because I lost it within a time period where I was completing a range of tasks. After a week I couldn’t cope anymore with out one.

So I went out looking for a metal (this time) reusable water bottle that fits the 1L criteria. I found and bought this one.

 Then… low and behold my first 1L teal plastic water bottle was found and returned to me. Hooray! 

So now I alternate between the two 1L water bottles. I never did find the Celtic water bottle but I am glad I have 2 x 1L water bottles at my disposal.

I enjoy having a water bottle with me everywhere i go because it stops me from spending money on soft drinks, bottled water and sometimes it even stops me from spending extra money on snack foods. That alone is a good enough reason for me to take my water bottle with me everywhere.

Then there are the other environmental benefits. Which is an added bonus.

ACTIVITY: Give making a water bottle carry bag a go. For those days when you don’t take your bag somewhere. Check out this website for a few different ways to crochet a water bottle bag.

I hope this finds you well, 
Love Daena xx 

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