Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Ten



Welcome back again to Sustainable September 2017.

How did you go with the Bamboo Toothbrushes? Or the toothpaste?

I gave the Bamboo toothbrushes a go last night. It was a bamboo toothbrush infused with charcoal. So if you give this a go be warned you might have a grey tinge to your teeth until you rinse. But the lady at the Wasteless Pantry told me that this stops happening after the first couple of brushes.

I gave the toothpaste a go too. I have to double check I got the recipe right because I think I might have put too much coconut oil in. Be aware it takes a little while to get used to the taste… so if its too horrible maybe you could add a touch of stevia to taste.

Another day, another idea for tomorrow.

Sustainable September Day Ten – Take and use a reusable Coffee/Tea cup.

Why is it an Eco-Kindness to take a reusable coffee cup? Because single use coffee cups are not recyclable and in Australia we use a Billion coffee cups a year. Check out his news clip from ABCs 7.30 Report 'Takeaway Coffee Cups driving hidden plastic catastrophy.

Why coffee cups cant be recycled. This clip comes from 'War on Waste UK'

Recently in Australia, we also had the 'War on Waste TV' show that brought up this issue. Check out the War on Waste (Aus) #BYOCoffeeCup.

What can you use instead?

I have two different types of Keep Cups (two plastic and one glass) that are both Coffee Cups that are barista standard sizes.

(Glass on the left and one of my plastic ones on the right) 

There are a huge range of other types of reusable mugs and cups. So i would love your recommendations for other people to check out too.

SOMETHING ELSE: Did you know that there are whole communities who are working toward Zero Waste. Like this one, Zero Waste Town, who will zero waste by 2020. …Zero Waste Town by 2020.

You are not alone on this journey to Sustainability, no matter what level of Eco-Kindness you and your community are at.

ACTIVITY: If you want to use up your old coffee cups... then this is the nicest upcycling idea i could find. 

I hope you are all well and enjoying Sustainable September. 

Sending lots of love, 
Daena x

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