Monday, September 18, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Nineteen



Welcome to day Nineteen of Sustainable September 2017. 

Last week I talked about buying or making some "bees wax wraps". I had bought some a while ago and after a house sitting trip they had mysteriously gone missing. I had thought they had been thrown out. So I purchased some more when I went to the Dwellingup Bespoke handmade craft and art market over the weekend. I got some new wax wraps from the same wonderful ladies Undisposed, to replace the last lot that went MIA. As I was cleaning up today though I found a single bag of stuff that hadn't been unpacked since house sitting and guess what was inside? My old wax wraps! So now I have 4 wax wraps all to my self! :) 

Which also means I owe an apology to my family for assuming they had thrown them out! Sorry guys! 

Whilst I was waiting for the Internet to be fixed here (fingers crossed it's done now completely) I spent some time using today's idea "use vinegar for cleaning". I scrubbed the communal kitchen stove with vinegar. And it's before and after pictures are pretty cool. But please don't judge the before pictures too harshly. 

The idea for tomorrow is something that builds on today's idea. 

Sustainable September Day Nineteen: use bi-carb soda. 

Today when I was using the vinegar I had some really tough grime cooked onto the stove so I had to pull out my trusty super Bi-carb soda to help with it. Sometimes vinegar alone doesn't work as well, particularly with stubborn grime like this. 
As you can see the cook rings were caked with grime. So I soaked it with vinegar and added some bi carb for an awesome reaction.

Look at all that bubbling... Glad to know it was working. 

This is what they looked like afterwards with some scrubbing. I didn't do heaps of scrubbing because I wasn't feeling great (still had the headache from yesterday). But it came out pretty good! 

You can see the difference here between the front one and the back one. One with baking soda and vinegar the other without. 

That is probably way too many photos of my stove top. Hehehe. 

But the point is that Bi-carb can be a wonderful addition to any household cleaning routine for tough and stubborn stains. 

Here is a heap of uses for Baking soda in cleaning...

ACTIVITY: use one idea from the video above to test out. Find out how simple and easy it is to use baking soda in your environmentally friendly cleaning routine! 

That's all from me today folks. I hope you are all enjoying Sustainable September. 

If you have any other uses for bi carb or vinegar of you have any other cleaning tips and tricks that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, then let me know. I would love to hear about them. 

Love Daena x

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