Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Six



Good day my dears.
How are you going with todays Eco-Kindnesses?
Simple ideas are the key to the Tiny changes that make the world of difference. 

I first heard this joke as "How do you make a Hankie dance?" Back when I first saw the movie Bicentenial man with Robin Williams. Such a powerful movie. But it turns out not too many people know about Handkercheifs (Hankies) any more. THey are a little old fashioned in some areas. 

What does this joke have to do with Sustainable September you might ask? WEll a snot load actually (excuse the pun).  

Sustainable September Day Six - Handkercheifs.

Buy or make your own handkercheifs (Hankies) and have some on hand when you need to blow your nose.

"Hankies are greener than tissues (pardon the pun), that is if they actually get taken out of the sock drawer. To really minimise your nose-blowing impact purchase organic cotton hankies or, if you can find them, buy hemp, which has a 50 per cent lower eco-footprint.
Even better, buy vintage hankies or make them from scrap fabric. To reduce the laundering impact, wash hankies in cold water and line dry. If you really can't bring yourself to give up tissues at least try to find ones made from chlorine-free, post-consumer recycled paper and compost them after use." (Green Lifestyle Magazine)
On a regular day Handkercheifs are smaller to pack in a bag than a small packet of tissues.

During a cold having 8-10 of these on hand makes all the world of difference. When i am not suffering from a cold or flu, I often have a couple in my handbag and car so that if I need a napkin I can use a reusable handkerchief instead. This reduces waste by reducing the disposable things in our lives.

This idea is of Handkercheifs is all about REDUCE... tissues can't be recycled so there is no RECYCLE option. At least with Handkercheifs (Hankies) you can REUSE... an option not available with Tissues.  

This is one of my favourite hankies because it used to be my dads. So really this one is one that keeps on giving. I just pulled this one out of my handbag to show you how handy they are. 

I was my handkercheifs in laundry bags but they are fine to go in with all the other clothes in a cold water wash. If you dry them in the sun you are also making sure that any bacteria that may have survived the wash doesnt survive the drying. 

Anyways, I hope this finds you all well. WIthout any headcolds hopefully.
See you all tomorrow. 
Love Daena

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