Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Twenty Two



Hi everyone,
Apologies for the late Sustainable September post. I've been a bit unwell and I've been unable to get my post out as early as I would have liked. I'm always working to be the best I can be. I always talk about being Kind to yourself, so I'm taking time now and being kind to myself. Whilst also getting this done! Hence being late. 

I went to the Wasteless Pantry today and bought myself some Soap Nuts. If you are interested in finding out more, look at yesterday's post. 

This little jar should last me quite a while! And when the nuts get brittle they can go in my compost bin, so they are basically Waste free. Yay! 

Today's idea is again on this weeks theme of cleaning. 

Sustainable September Day Twenty Two: dry your clothes in the sun. 

Did you know that the sun has the ability to disinfect your laundry? Well you do now! It is great to simply & safely kill bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. 

It is also a really a simple power saving (& therefore money saving) tip. 

Want more reasons to dry your clothes on the washing line? Check out this website... The Spruce. It has some awesome ideas too. 

ACTIVITY: Hang your washing out to dry. If not outside (it's been raining here this week) then inside on a drying rack! By reducing the amount of power you use by putting on the electric dryer you are helping the planet by reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed to power it. 

Not sure how to hang something? Then here is a handy little guide to help you line dry your clothes. 

Hope that's everything you need for today. I love keeping it short and sweet. 

Like me, I hope you are being kind to yourself. Look after yourself. Eat healthy, do some exercise, drink plenty of water and get some sleep. Like I plan to do... right now. Please don't forget that the reason we do Sustainable September is because we want to be kind to our planet and all those who live here! That includes ourselves!

Love Daena 

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