Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sustainable September 2017 - Day Fifteen



Welcome back everyone,

This year for Sustainable September I am focusing on 'Making life a little kinder for our planet and all those who live here'. One way I am doing that is reducing the amount of plastic I use. So that means finding alternatives.

Sustainable September Day Fifteen: Get rid of Plastic Wrap.

There are a few ways to go about this. Like I did last night with a family members dinner plate. I just upturned a second plate to use as protection instead of using plastic wrap.

I recommend this when you are heating stuff in the microwave too... although be careful when cooking in the microwave, because... it is HOT!!! Steam can burn just as badly as direct heat... so always be careful when using heat.

You can simply use reusable containers too. we have a whole heap of reusable plastic containers. Yes I know I have spent a lot of this month already talking about how bad plastic is for the environment. I do believe I can do better in the future. But there is no point in me throwing away reusable plastics to replace with glass yet. My main problem is with single use plastics but I am still minimising other plastic that I'm brining into the house. I will continue to use my already well used reusable plastic containers until they die, then replace with glass only when I need to. Throwing away something that is useful to become 'more eco-friendly' seems a bit backward. However, when the plastic reusables we have do break or become unhealthy (some reusable plastics we have start bubbling at the bottom) then we recycle it and then, and only then do we buy a more environmentally friendly option.

One of the other alternatives to plastic wrap I have started personally using recently, and LOVE, is Bees Wax Wraps.

What are Bees Wax wraps? They are fabrics (cotton, linen or silk) that have been cut and coated in liquid beeswax, then dried. They can then be used like you would use Plastic Wrap, but instead of the plastic wrap automatically sticking to itself, the warmth of your hands helps the wax soften so that it adheres to itself. this makes it so much easier to use.

I bought two smallish Bees Wax wraps from Undisposed, a local company promoting reusable eco-friendly items like my cutlery set (which i also got from them). I love them. I would have photographed them to show you, however they have recently gone missing. I used them all the time when I was house sitting but I'm not sure what happened to them since. I suspect one of my eager cleaning housemates may have disposed of them thinking they were rubbish... but i am yet to know for sure (so i hope they can forgive me if i find them later somewhere else).

You can purchase Beeswax wraps from a range of places. I know the local bulk foods shop I go to regularly, and love, The Wasteless Pantry sells them too.

You can wrap almost anything in them... like this...

You can also use the Beeswax wraps like oragami in a way! The following video shows you how to make a sandwich pouch from Beeswax wraps. 

The only thing that is not postitive about Bees Wax wraps is that they cannot be used in the microwave (hence me giving you the ideas for using upturned plates). The wax melts and causes problems in the mircowave if you use them in there... hence not recommended. But apart from that... they are so easy to use. 

ACTIVITY: Make your own Beeswax wraps.

I hope you have a wonderful day. 
Sending lots of love, and big hugs to you all, 
Love Daena 

Ps. I don't get any kickbacks or money from the places that I recommend here. I recommend them because they bring value to my life and I really enjoy their products and services. Just so you know! 😘❤ X

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