Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 8, 2014

Hey all, 
Today my headache lingered until after lunch, but I still managed to cook mum a delicious lunch and do the washing up too! 

My kindness was later this evening though when I was out shopping! I saw some super specials on sausages (I dare you to say that 10x really fast). The specials were so good I contacted my sister and asked if she wanted/needed any for her fridge or freezer! She said yes so I bought two packs of sausages for her family! I also got the special request of fruit mince pies from my brother-in-law (they had been reduced to .80c a pack)! So I bought him 4 packs, as the expiry date isnt until mid February, but I doubt they will last that long! lol! 

One of the simplest kindnesses I have found, that is shopping related, is to return your trolley to the designated trolley return or back to the store! I know in England you have to pay a £1 for the use of a trolley at some stores! But here In Australia they are generally free! By putting them back it makes the lives and jobs of trolley boys/girls much simpler and means they have more time to return trolleys to the store as opposed to having to hunt them down in the car park! So today I just simply put my trolley in the trolley return after using it for my shopping! Kindness done... Tick! 

It's the simple things that I love as they make a big difference even though it doesn't feel like you have to put much effort in! 

Hope all is going well for you wherever you are! And I hope all your kind deeds are going welll! :) 

Luv Daena

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