Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 14, 2014

Hey everyone, 
Well it's official! I am completely exhausted! 

Today mum &  I went and helped my sister with the 5 kids (2 of her own &  3 extras who were under 6!) she has been looking after since yesterday. The fires in Perth are still burning, however it looks like they might finally be under control! Hooray! Sadly 52 houses were lost with many more damaged. The fire fighters did an amazing job keeping the number so low when it could have easily been in the hundred! Thank you to our fire fighters & emergency services! You have done an out stranding job this week!!! The 3 extra children my sister was looking after, & we helped with a little today, were kids of two volunteer firefighters & emergency service officers! Beautiful children! 

Whilst my sister was dealing with the two littlest ones and mum was occupying the attention of the two middle ones (the eldest looked after himself), I was able to do some housework for my sister, in cleaning up the lounge, toy room & family rooms, and putting in a load of dishes in the dishwasher! It's amazing how crazy a house looks after 5 kids under 10 (4 of which are under 6), have been in it for 24 hours! I totally respect single & stay at home mothers (particularly ones with more than one kid) because of the whirlwind that surrounds those 5 when they were playing! Wow! 

For the three middle children (all girls) I acted as hairdresser & did each of them a funky hairstyle for the day ... Sometimes more than once! Girls love to have pretty hairstyles! 

Today I also taught my nephew how to play poker (my sister learnt poker too) & a card game called "spit"! My nephew is a regular card shark! He learns quickly! :)

I also read 3 chapters of a fairy book to my niece before she went to bed because after the other 3 kids went home (the fire is almost under control so their parents could go home & rest & take the kids with them), my niece needed some quiet TLC! 

Needless to say... I'm exhausted & I was only there for 12 hours! I think my sisters whole house will be sleeping very soundly tonight! You guys did an excellent job sharing toys, food, attention, rooms & time with people who needed it! Thank you for your kindnesses!!! 

I'm crawling into bed... 
Much love to you all, stay safe! 
Luv Daena 

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