Friday, January 3, 2014

January 2, 2014 - kindness continues

Hey everyone, 
So this is pretty impressive for me... Writing three times in three consecutive days! :) 

But I'm sharing today's kindnesses...
Today I offered to help a disabled lady with her shopping! She was so inspiring... And strong! She called the shopping her "exercise for the day"! 

I also made conversation with the cleaning lady in the food hall in my local shopping centre. I asked how her Christmas was and we had a nice chat about the crazy holiday hours for people in retail! Being an ex-retail worker I can completely understand it! I made sure she knew just how grateful I was for the work she did to keep the place in top shape! 

Today I also made my mum a delicious and healthy meal! Sometimes I don't have the energy to prepare meals, so we have had junk food fairly regularly over the last four years... I am doing my best to cut down for both of us, so we eat healthy and feel better! I have started seeking out the "healthy options" for the times when I am completely exhausted & we have no other option but take-away foods... But for the times when I am just lazy, I'm putting the effort in & getting my ass into gear to just do it! It's amazing how I thought that leaving the house for food was faster than just going to the kitchen and preparing things we already have in the house... I guess you learn something everyday! :) 

I also made a delicious, healthy & nutritious meal for us for dinner too! :) 

(Note: my amazing pajamas with penguins! I love penguins!!! And yes it was lunch time... But it was a pajama morning!)

I hope you have all had a great day! 

Luv Daena x

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