Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 4th 2014

Hey everyone, 
So today was my brother in laws birthday  and we went to an adventure park in Perth called The Maze! 

My kindness today was helping my sister & brother in law with their kids (mainly the smallest one) at the water park part of the Maze! I had a lot of fun and spent a lot of time helping small people (not just those related to me) in and out of water slides or pushing them so they went fast (at their request of course - child safety is very important)! 

My 5 year old niece was the best! She and I had lots of fun running up the stairs & speeding down the smaller slides so that her daddy, mummy & older brother could have free reign on the bigger slides! We had a blast! 

We also played on one of the parts that this place is famous for... A Maze! :) it has lots of mazes actually but I was most impressed with the one I did all by myself!  it was amazing as lots of people didn't finish it! :) here is the proof... (That's me in the middle)! 

Anyways, I also chatted to the staff working at the tops of the slides... It seemed like a thankless job, so I made the effort to chat & thank them for their efforts! :) lovely people! :) 

Hope you are all well, 
I should sleep very well tonight! I'm exhausted! 

Luv Daena 

Ps. Thanks to my sister Vandra for the photo! :) 

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