Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 19, 2014

Hello beautiful people! 

So today was a quiet day for me! A kindness to myself really! Not doing too much & recovering from some injuries I did to myself over the last weekend! For those looking to repeat my stupidity, can I just say... Please don't do a "bomb-ie" into a shallow swimming pool! It's just not worth the pain... Physically & emotionally (oh the embarrassment of failing!)! Not my finest hour! It took a while for the chiropractor to realign my body... & I think I grew a foot in height after the adjustment! Mind you, I had shrunk that much as a result of the "bombie" into the pool! So I guess it irons out in the wash! Healing up nicely now, thankfully, but the first 24 hours after the adjustment where a little overwhelming! So I'm hoping you get it... DO NOT jump into a shallow pool, feet first or (heaven forbid) head first! Consider yourself warned! Lol! 

Apart from doing a kind act for myself for a change, I also acted as mums chauffeur for a couple of errands she had to run! I made her a cuppa and well... Nothing super exciting, but I cooked healthy meals & snacks for us in between resting! 

Sweet & simple does the trick! 
Hope you are all well! And remember... No jumping into shallow pools! Lol! 
Stay safe! 
Luv Daena x

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