Friday, January 10, 2014

January 9,2014

Today was a good day... Relaxed and spent with family which is always nice! 

One kindness today was helping my dyslexic nephew write his blessings (10 things he is grateful for -he does this everyday like I do), and listening as my 5 year old niece read her (5 blessings) to me! I love encouraging both of them in their blessings because it promotes a healthy & happy life! :) 

I also helped my sister with her newsletter for her craft business! I coloured in a whole bunch of stamped cards (for added colour), and cut out a whole lot more little butterflies that have been added to the first card so it looks awesome! :) 

I have also started sorting out and preparing for a friends hens and kitchen tea parties (as I'm the maid of honour)! Co-ordination & sourcing stuff to make both events unforgettable! :) 

Have an awesome day! 
Luv Daena x 

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