Friday, January 17, 2014

January 13, 2014

Today has been another devistating day in the Perth hills with the fire continuing to burn down homes and leave families in the lurch! It's been so hard to watch as the number of houses that were destroyed went from 27 houses to 52 within 24hours! So sad to see such a beautiful community struggle through the hardships... But I have seen such an out pouring of love like nothing I have seen before! People bought trailer loads of clothes, toys etc to drop points, people have offered their homes to strangers, bought meals and donated food to firefighters and the affected alike! It is so beautiful to see kindness after kindness come from this small community city! 

Apart from keeping people posted by sharing posts on the
And my personal page, I also helped mum today by getting names & contact details for a person on the phone (they had called for a sales talk) but who after hearing about the fires near their homes was looking to offer their house for emergency accomodation! 

I took a box of toys into Vinies today from my sisters house... It was only a small box! 

I spent time sharing positive videos & messages of hope on Facebook so that there was something good for people to see! 

I want to take the time and say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped out! The firefighters (paid & volunteer), the government agencies & the charities, those who have given their time, money, homes, spare clothes and goods... THANK YOU!!! You are working miracles right now! Keep up the amazing work! 

Much love, 
Daena Guest

Ps. Special shout out to my sister who spent today looking after 3 extra children (ages 1,3 &5) whilst the children's parents were fighting fires! You have done a huge kindness so that a mum & dad know their kids are safe, whilst they are working to make the whole shire safe!  Great kindness big sister! Bravo! X

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