Friday, January 17, 2014

January 15, 2014

Hello beautiful people, 
Today's kindness was a little embarrassing, as you will see in a minute, because I let it get this bad! But I did this for mum whilst she was sleeping today, so it was a nice surprise for her to see when she woke up! 
Yes... That is our messy stove top! See... How embarrassing! But I finally sorted that out so mum didn't have to & so it was more welcoming for visitors! 

It now looks like this...

All shiny & clean! Much better! I did it after I cooked lunch & dinner too so we had delicious meals & then a thoroughly clean kitchen! :) 

I also sent messages of love to a friend who is struggling with health issues! She needed to know someone is thinking of her! And be reminded of how wonderful she is! :) 

Plus I made tea & hot water for mum & a visiting friend! 

All in all a good days work! 

Stay safe! 
Luv Daena x

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