Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1st of January 2014 -kindnesses

Hey everyone, 

I'm starting this year with a little of a concerted effort! So I will share some of the kindnesses I did today! 

Okay... so last night I was at my best friends new house to help celebrate the new year! I was surrounded by people I know, love & who love me! What more could you ask for right? 

So at 2.30am when my best friend has gone to bed, and everyone else is snuggling down for some shut eye, I go to my task! 

I put all her DVDs on her TV cabinet which has been sitting there for a week  or more (since they moved in) waiting to be done! Both she & her fiancé work long hours & haven't had time to do that job yet! I may also have put them in alphabetical order (that's the OCD tendencies in me coming out)! :) 
Upon waking up this morning she was thrilled! Job well done! 

I also helped another friend bring in a coffee table from her car (which was given to my best friend and her fiancé for their new house)! Kindness from others! Good start for the year so far! 

After getting home, I gave my mum huge hugs and to her happiness I boiled the kettle! I got her a hot cup of tea without asking (twice more today too)! Which basically means she is a very happy chappy! It's lovely that I can make someone so happy with such a simple task! And on occasions I make myself one too! 

So this year has started pretty well!

Thanks you everyone for your support of me last year!!! I really appreciate it!!! 

Last year for me, personally, was full of kindness, adventure & emotional roller coasters! But without the lows you cannot understand the heights to which you reach! 

Gratitude for everything has been such an important part of my life, particularly this last year! It means I can appreciate both highs and lows more... for the lessons they teach and for the adventures to be had along the way!

I wish you all a wonderful new year of hope, happiness & mostly Kindness... Kindness for all! 

With love, 
Daena x

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