Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Eighteen

Hello my wonderful followers. 

How are we? I have been super busy today with farewells for friends moving interstate and also another great friends wedding. I even got dressed up for the occasion, which is awesome because I feel like a little kid. In such a pretty dress. 

Did you plant any plants? Or did you just ignore a few already in your cupboard? Like potatoes? Or like these garlic?

There is also some pumpkin seeds in the bottom of the bowl there for no apparent reason. 

 Today I will continue along the gardening route. 

Sustainable September Day Eighteen: use/create a compost heap or bin. 

"There are lots of good reasons to compost. Save money, save resources, improve your soil and reduce your impact on the environment. Regardless of your reasons, composting is a win/win scenario. Good for you and good for the environment." 
Green Action Centre

According to Green Planet there are at least 5 reasons why composting is good for us and environment: 
"1) Composting reduces landfill waste and incineration, and therefore emissions.
2) Composting reduces dependence on fossil fuels.
3) Composting is good for the land.
4) Composting Helps You to Embrace the Natural Cycle of Life and Decay.
5) You Can Compost Anything that has Lived or Grown Recently." (Green Planet 2016). 

At home we have two buckets in our kitchen. One for bits and pieces that the chickens will love and the second one for the compost bin. Thankfully our chickens love kitchen scraps so not as much of our food scraps end up in the compost as many houses but it is an awesome thing we still do. 

Front Lines: Guerilla Gardeners. 

One of the first stories I ever heard about Guerilla Gardeners was a story from Los Angeles, USA. One guy who started a revolution for health and the environment in his community. 

Kindness idea: help someone work in their garden. Sometimes this is as simple as raking up autumn leaves for an elderly neighbour. Or helping a friend who is time poor weed their garden. 

I love getting my fingers into the soil. But I know it is not everyone's cup of tea! But maybe if you hate gardening you could hire someone to do work for a friend or family member, or even a neighbour. And that can be your kindness! But if you think of something equally gardening related, let me know! :) 

I'm going to go dancing now at the wedding reception. 

Stay safe, 
Love Daena x

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