Monday, September 26, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Twenty Seven

Hi wonderful people, 

How are you? Have you given any of the food preservation a go today? 

I did. I roasted some Beetroot, sliced it and then put it in vinegar. I also put a whole heap of whole peeled garlic cloves in oil. I went with simple easy ideas. 

And I want to continue with the simple ideas make a big difference theme...

Sustainable September Day TwentySeven: borrow books from the library instead of buying all your books new. 

So this is one I need to remember. As anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE book lover. The last few years I have bought hundreds of books. Often from second hand book stores or opshops. But I have bought them none the less. Instead I could saved myself a lot of money and space and borrow them from the library instead. 

Libraries are like fountains of knowledge and stories. Stories to me are really important. Everyone has a story to tell. And so is knowledge.... Because knowledge leads to wisdom. 
 Books and stories can transport us to far away places, educate us on new subjects and cultures, share philosophies on life, give us hope for the future, break our hearts and make us feel all the emotions we don't often notice in our own lives. 

When it comes to the environment, my most precious resources when writing the Sustainable September blog are a couple of my favourite books: "Zero Waste Home" by Bea Johnson and "Life Changing Magic of the Tidying" by Maria Condo. I used these two books consistently last year and I still consult them from time to time to remind me what I am aiming for "living simply so others may simply live". 

Books of course come from paper and often Rain Forests are destroyed to make the paper that the stories of our generation are written on. That tragedy has made me stop buying NEW books. Not buying them but borrowing them is really the most environmentally friendly version because instead of only one reader buying it then sitting it on the shelf for years without ever reading it, this time the books get read by lots of different people. The books then get to share their stories with everyone... which is why books were written in the first place. 

Front Lines: Malala Yousafzai. This extraordinary young woman is leading the way in her country and around the world. Helping other your women take their own education into their own hands, even at the risk of death. She was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace. 

I love books and I love reading. I am very blessed to have been born in Australia where girls get the same access to education as boys. But in a lot of places this is not the case. 


For those who don't know Malalas story you can check out her book "I am Malala". Or here is a short version of the story that made her a house hold name. 

There is also a full length documentary called "He Named Me Malala" which you can rent from good online stores. 

Malala has shown me the true power of peaceful protesting and education. She is one of my role models and she is so very young. 


Kindness idea: buy someone a book. 

I know I've just said don't buy new books but this is still an amazing kindness. It can be second hand or new or even one you donate to a school or library. Like we have talked about already... Books can be powerful. Not to mention that books are just cool. 

I laughed a couple years ago when someone suggested the following. Because it's the best way I can think of finding a partner. Lol. 


Hahahah. I really am a Bibliophile because this sounds like a perfect way to meet someone. Well to me anyway. Hahah. 

I hope you are all well. I hope to hear about what books you borrowed from your library and also what you are reading now. 

Sending love to you all,
Love Daena x 

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