Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Seven

Hello wonderful people. 

So today is all about riding the bus or walking for Sustainable September. I was offered the use of the car today but decided to take the bus instead. Getting from one place to another on the bus has been a huge help because it means I actually get to look out the window and see what we are going past instead of focusing on the road and other drivers. 

I love the bus company "Action" in Canberra because they have these awesome slogans like "c
Conserve our fossil fuels. Be in... Action". Clever slogan.
It was awesome to ride the bus into the city because I got to see more. 
 lus it's a lot less stressful, seeing as I would be driving in a new city, on roads with some serious quirks, without any one telling me if I was doing the right thing. I mean the GPS would tell me where to go but they can't tell you you are in the wrong lane until it's too late. Hahaha. 

Another plus is that I have been able to write my blog post from my phone whilst riding or waiting for the bus. Yay! 

Today's idea is another simple one. I like the K.I.S.S principal "Keep It Simple Sweetheart". Yes I know it is often "stupid" instead of "sweetheart" but I like the kindness version better. I wonder why?! 

Sustainable September Day Seven: use a handkerchief instead of tissues. 

There was a point recently when I was really sick. And I mean. Really sick. Almost all of the rest of the family caught it too. There are 6 of us living in one house and if one of us gets a cough, cold or flu then the rest of us often get it too. This flu was no exception. I am still experiencing some after affects which sucks. 

Me, four weeks ago. 
Me, four weeks ago plus 5 minutes. After a coughing fit. I still had my sense of humour. 
The two photos were during the height of my flu. At least my awkward sense of humour remained. I took these photos so my friends would know I was still alive. 

Thankfully I am on holiday so I have had time to rest, heal and recuperate! 

What all this has to do with today's Sustainable September environmental kindness idea is that we went through about 20 boxes of tissues in two weeks. That is a lot of paper being used and destroyed. Now most of these tissues were either thrown in the fire (burn bugs, burn!) or thrown in the compost. However we could have used our handkerchiefs more. 

I personally have about 15 Hankys that I use fairly regularly. For cleaning my glasses, for blowing my nose, for when I got for a run (& get sweat in my eyes) and wiping my eyes when I am crying. Not to mention they also are excellent when you need a napkin! Mayonnaise on your face... Get out your hanky! Chocolate on your face... Wipe your face with the hanky, then lick the hanky! I'm kidding! Or am I?! Hahah. 

Kindness idea: make a "Flu survival kit" for a friend, family member or coworker. 

I have done this a few times. I like to include some lemon & ginger tea, a pack of sore throat soothing drops, a pack of hankies or box of Tissues, some home made soup, some paracetamol, a nice DVD (not something like 'contagion' Unless your friend has a sense of humour and is into scary movies) and maybe even a mug for hot tea and or soup! Maybe even some Vicks vapour rub and/or some lip balm. 

You could do whatever you want really. Just do something to make them know you are thinking of them. You could drop it to their home (if they aren't at work or at family events or any other activities). Or you could do a RAK drop, knock/ring and run.

Front lines: Forest Man. 

I struggled to think of anything along the lines of colds and flu. But instead I thought about paper and what it is made out of... trees. There are a lot of people doing amazing things when it comes to the planting and preservation of trees. But My favourite is the story of a guy in India who for the last several decades has been planting trees. They call him "Forrest Man". 

He shows us what one person can achieve when they are committed and persistent. This is a fantastic story. One person really can change the world!

I hope this finds you all well. If not, I hope it finds you using a hanky instead of a tissue box! 😉

Sending love from Canberra. 
❤️ Love Daena x

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