Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Fourteen

Good day wonderful people, 

How are you? 
How did you go with a new coffee adventure ahead of you? No pods I hope?! 

I decided to actually take myself up on the Kindness idea for today and take some time for me. I stopped at a cafe for 10 mins to have some lemongrass and ginger tea, a paleo caramel slice and people watch. 

 The slice was not photographed as I ate it before I remembered I wanted to photograph the whole thing.  
So today is all about women. So gentlemen, you have a day off, or you could still take up the kindness challenge part of this if you want. Or even support the Front Liners. This is a super important one for supporting all women, everywhere. 

Sustainable September Day Fourteen - buy/use reusable feminine hygiene products. 

Periods are a bit of a taboo in many countries but to help with equality and helping young women grow up knowing how their bodies work, we need to talk about periods and feminine hygiene. 

So in Australia there are two standard options for dealing with periods safely and hygienically. The standard feminine hygiene products are disposable tampons and/or pads. Not only are these destroying the environment but if they end up in septic tanks or toilets they can ruin those as well. 

There are two options for reusable and environmentally sustainable feminine hygiene products. Reusable and washable menstrual pads and menstrual cups. 
These new fabric, reusable pads have a PUL base to stop the blood getting on knickers. I love the bright colours of these ones. they are also pretty easy to clean and fold up small just like ordinary sanitary napkins. ps. don't you love my new bed sheets too!!! I love bright colours!!!  
I bought these pads from a woman who makes them from home in Australia. I didn't realise how many people buy/make these feminine hygiene products. But I love that it supports small businesses and families. 

I am yet to give the menstrual cup a go, but I know people who swear by them. It also helps women measure the amount of blood they are loosing during their cycle. 

I, personally, have suffers with endometriosis for several years. It is where the lining of the uterus bleeds both inside the uterus as it is supposed to do and externally, which it is NOT supposed to do. I like to think I just have a super enthusiastic body who likes to go above and beyond its call of duty. Thinking lightly about it is one of the only things that keeps me sane. 

I have had two lots of surgeries to help remove the endometriosis in my abdomen but it has grown back in the past. Talking about periods and any pain that comes with it is important because it could indicate the disease. 

But these discussions first start with talking about periods in general. 

Scarily enough a lot of young women do not know how their bodies work, or why they bleed. 

So here is a short TEDed video to explain it better...

If you want to see what some people thought about using a Diva cup, which is one brand of menstrual cup, for the first time then check this video. 

And here is a story and pattern for making reusable cloth menstrual pads. I love this one! 

So many cool fabrics and patterns that could be used to make fun menstrual pads. I purchased some wonder woman and StarWars reusable pads. They are my favourite. But I haven't photographed them. 

Kindness idea: buy/donate single use tampons and pads to homeless shelters. 

Yes, I know. I have just spent the last 5mins explaining how bad these are for the environment. And yes it is not ideal. But they are still needed for women on the streets. Often there is no place to wash reusable pads or menstrual cups out to keep them sanitary for women who need them to be. That is where the single use ones come into play. But women with access to fresh clean water and regular showers have no excuse to use these products when it comes to the environment. 

Also feminine hygiene products can be expensive. So providing them for homeless shelters reduces their costs so they can run more programs and ultimately help more people. :) 

Front Liners: <--- this title seems oddly appropriate for this topic. Hahah. The group I will be focusing on as our feminine hygiene front lines are Days For Girls. 

I have spoken about this amazing group of people before. They achieve so much and help the lives of so many young women around the globe in third world communities. 

My family and I met a lovely lady here in Perth a few years ago who came and talked to our CWA group. She told us all about Days For Girls and how this amazing community of people around the world are making a difference. I have bought supplies for and supported this amazing group of volunteers as much as possible for these last few years. 

My thoughts were that (because of the endometriosis) if I had been in a third world country and had to be sitting on a cardboard, I would have been on that cardboard for two weeks every month. In other words, I wouldn't have graduated primary school nor high school. It makes me realise just how blessed I am. 

Here is a 13minute summary and story about the start of the Days For Girls movement. I hope you like it. 

I know that this is often an uncomfortable subject but it really is important. 

Have a great day tomorrow. 
Daena X 

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