Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day TwentyFive

Hi again, 

Still hanging in there? Have you learnt anything new? Anything at all? I hope so because I have. And that's even after doing sustainable September for the last 3 years. 

I went for a walk today and really got to enjoy nature. 
I thought you might too! I love this photo. This reminds me of the beauty of the environment that sustainable September is protecting. 

So today's idea is...

Sustainable September Day TwentyFive: Eat seasonal food. 

There are several reasons why everyone should eat seasonally. Some environmental reasons for eating seasonally are because seasonal produce grows without human interference (ie. Less pesticides and no need for genetic modification), and it is also more likely to be local therefore reducing the amount of "food miles". However there are also lots of other amazing reasons. 

For more reasons to eat seasonally that are not just Environmentally related check out the article by 
Mind Body Green - 10 reasons to eat seasonally

For what is available in what season in Australia, Britain, Canada, or USA check out: 
Benefits of Eating Seasonally

For those who are in the same place as me; Perth, Western Australia, check out: 
Seasonal Food Guide Australia

Front lines: Ann Cooper a Director of Nutrition services for a school food program in the USA. Ann Cooper talks about how she has been working to change the food that kids eat and make it heathy, environmentally friendly, sustainable, regional and seasonal. She also talks about food as the foundation of health. She is educating kids, parents, teachers, schools, institutions and even businesses how to be eat better and how to give some of the poorest kids the best opportunities for the future. 

Kindness: Buy from/use local small businesses. 

This may seem like a little bit off a kindness but when you support small businesses you are supporting people sending their kids to ballet or soccer or tutors. You are paying for food on the table and you support families, craftspeople, and communities. So even though you could buy from a large chain store owned by corporations, buying from small businesses can be a really awesome kindness. 

Sending love to you all. 
Love Daena x

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