Friday, September 9, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Ten

Good day lovely ones,

Today I was at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. It occurs to me how heartbreaking all the names on the walls are. 


What a great waste of life War is?! I found about a dozen with the same last name as I have. And it was so eerie having the voice of children, played over the speakers, read the names from the walls with the age at death. A lot of those who died in the wars where often more than a decade younger than I am. So scary. 

I definitely used my Hankys in there today. 


How did you go with today's sustainable September idea? Using reusable shopping bags?! 

Today is another simple one and is my favourite every year. 

Sustainable September Day Ten:  go op-shopping/ thrift shopping. 

Tomorrow is a Saturday and is my last FULL day in Canberra. Sadly. So I spent some time today hunting down the awesome op-shops in this town. A few just near the Canberra Centre and the bus station. Pretty cool really. If I could have fit an amazing singer sewing machine in my bag or even a rocking chair, I would have. I Loved the way they made the place fun and inviting. 

Check out the photo from the walls of their in house coffee shop...


LEGO!!!! Cool huh? They had little scenes and everything. :) 

There are so many reasons one could go op-shopping/ thrift shopping. One is reducing the amount of stuff already in the world by finding what is already been made. It reduces the amount of pressure on our landfills. It helps us find often hard to find bit and pieces that aren't made any more. It helps us get over the necessity of having everything brand new. 

Huffington Post shared their reasons for shopping at a Thrift Store and you can check that out 
here. Or this one from One Green Planet

Kindness idea: donate what you don't need to a charity op/Thrift shops. There are so many charities that do amazing things for the community and many of them (at least in Perth) have an opshops or thrift shop attached to them. Supporting these charities helps them do more for communities. It also makes your house easier to live in with less stuff!! 

Front Lines: there is a movement that is happening all over Australia and the world where...  pop up stores for the homeless. The movement started with "The Street Store". A South African idea that took off and ended up on social media around the globe. 

But here is one of the reports from Australia 

It is so nice be able to help people and be able to Op-Shop/thrift shop at the same time. 

So if you are keen to act with kindness you could either hold one of these free stores yourself or find one already in your area and donate to it. 

I hope this finds you all well. 

Love Daena X 

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