Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Twenty Nine

Hi lovely people, 

Tomorrow is my mums birthday and she is so cool. She inspires me to be the best person I could be. She has stood with me through some of the hardest time in both of our lives. Without her I literally wouldn't be here. Hehehe. So... Happy birthday to my beautiful mum! 


Today is also my favourite of all types of Sustainable September ideas. Because it has so much possibility. 

Sustainable September Day Twenty Nine: upcycle!!! 

This is seriously my favourite idea. There are literally thousands of ideas online so I found a video of a few ideas.

I have a few hundred on my Pinterest page too. You can check that out here. I am a bit of a passionate Pinterest person, so I keep adding a lot pins regularly so you can follow me there if you like. 

Front lines: "upcycling, a business for the future: Stephanie Adams at TEDx. 

Kindness idea: upcycle something for someone. 

Turning my own and other people's junk into a treasure in its own right. Keeping more stuff out of landfill and repurposing it and giving it a new life. 

My mum came home with a beautiful upcycled cup and saucer. It has been turned into a sewing pin cushion. 


It's gorgeous and it was made by a friend for mum for her birthday. And it's the type of thing you could upcycle and give to someone, either for a birthday or just to make someone's day special. 

Get your party hats on tomorrow we celebrate! 

I hope this finds you all well. 
Love to you all,
Love Daena x

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