Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Sixteen

Hi everyone, 

So I thought I had successfully posted yesterday's blog at 9 last night but it turns out it didn't post properly. I am so sorry. 

I've been working hard to make sure all of the posts are written, finished off and posted before midnight. Usually earlier if possible. But I am using a new app so sometimes things haven't been going quite to plan. I am getting used to it though. 

Today was all about drying your washing outside. 


But it also had the side note of looking after birds. 

The weirdest thing today was that I was in a shopping centre and a pigeon had got itself suck inside. It was super distressed so I did my best to help calm it down and catch it. Even if the last bit failed, when I left the bird was calmer and not flying into Windows. He had found a perch where I couldn't reach even if I wanted to. And nothing I did could have got it down to get it outside. I ended up having to leave it. 

Today is an idea that actually came in the mail today. 

Sustainable Septmeber Day Sixteen: go paperless for bills and statements. 

After receiving a whole bunch of stuff in the mail today I was thinking how silly it was that we are using paper when we can deal with these things online. 

"Paper production is a process that has not changed in over 2000 years. In today’s measures it takes 24 trees to produce one tonne of virgin printer paper but only 25% of each tree is used to produce the paper product. The paper industry is a greedy resource consumer that uses more water to produce a tonne of its product than any other industry. It uses a staggering 90,000 litres of water per tonne of virgin paper." Australian Science 2016 

Each year companies spend billions of dollars sending out bills, newsletters and special offers to its customers on paper. Not only are trees cut down to help make enough paper but there is so much money spent on postage and travel for that letter to end up in your letter box. 

"Everyone must play their part in creating sustainable futures for the world’s commodities. Paper is a huge commodity and is consumed at exorbitant rates as outlined by Forest Ethics‘ recent research. They reported that across the world North America used on average 229kg of paper per capita annually, Western Europe got through 178.7 kilograms, Latin America 43.02, Asia 41 and Africa 7.51 kilograms per person. In Australia we use on average 230kg per person per year. It is clear that the paper industry demands exponential resources to continue to fulfill the demand and if Australia would like to achieve sustainability we must rethink our consumerist ways." Australian Science 2016 

If we can reduce the amount of paper we consume we give our forests and trees a break 

Front Lines: this is a video by the website The video helps to illistrate exactly why you should change to using electronic instead of paper bills, newsletters and statements. 

Kindness idea: place some money in or near a book for them to buy it, take it home and read it. 

I love this idea because it's about books and also about paper. To be more environmentally friendly you could do this at a second hand book store or even at an opshop. 

I hope this finds you all well. 

Love Daena X

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