Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day TwentyThree

Hi everyone, 

So I'm not sure what happened yesterday with the post. Or maybe I just labeled it wrong or something but Day Twenty Three is missing. 

I have to admit I was pretty impressed of myself for getting it all right and in the correct order. Because this year I went by days rather than exact dates. 

But I write a post today for tomorrow, whilst referencing yesterday, theoretically. So more mistakes were likely to happen. So today, I'm writing yesterday's blog post, which you will probably only read tomorrow! Confused?! Yeah. Me too. 

Sustainable September Day TwentyThree: create a permaculture garden. 

Okay so I talked about this being a collection of easy things you can do... And permaculture is actually pretty simple. 

It is all about looking after the environment. Being more sustainable and not using harmful chemicals and fertilisers. It also means you save some money in the long term because you don't need to buy as much stuff. 

I often buy, grow or are gifted with a range of edible seeds, plants and trees. Finding the best places for these so that they will thrive is pretty crucial. There can be other plants that will help your plant grow better and ones that don't. Finding the right ones is called companion planting. I often Google a plant name to find out which plants are most compatible with it and which ones I should avoid putting next to them. 

It has actually really worked. It's surprising and wonderful. 

Front Lines: Gardening Australia. 

A couple years ago I saw a wonderful story about how to create a permaculture garden of your own. It was presented by Gardening Australia and it was wonderful. It was also one of their most successful programs ever with many people writing in to ask about it. 

You might want to open this in YouTube if it doesn't open to a full screen. 

Kindness idea: compliment a new mother. 

I was speaking to my friend who is the wonderful mother of a 6 month old. And she was telling me how hard it was for her mentally and emotionally because she gets criticised by other people, mums and strangers. I spent a long time talking to her about how she is amazing at looking after her Bub. And I thought...What would the world look like if we complimented and encouraged mums instead of looking down on them?Or if we stopped thinking we know better or were better than another person? 

Anyways. I am sorry I lost the post and hopefully this doesn't make it too confusing and you actually enjoy the last of the month of simple sustainable September ideas. 

Love Daena. 

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