Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sustainable September 2016 - Day Nineteen

Hello wonderful Sustainable September-ers. 

How are you? After my wild night out dancing at my good friends wedding I am pulling up a bit sore. However, it was well worth it. 

Sustainable September Day Nineteen: Buy and use Rechargeable batteries. 
Photo from Gecko & Fly
I did this exact kindness idea last year and it's really paid off for me. I haven't needed to buy new batteries in a year. This is an awesome and great long term investment. We used to buy huge numbers of batteries for the different devices in our house. AAs from the best battery companies would cost about $5 AUD for only two single use batteries. We would be buying batteries every few weeks and it is amazing how fast the cost mounts. Rechargeable Batteries cost more initially but after buying the recharger and a few of each size of batteries, you do not need to buy more. You just keep reusing the same batteries over and over again. That means less batteries in land fill and more money in your pocket! It is all good! :)

Have you got lots of old/dead single use batteries at your house? You can also recycle your batteries too. So once you have used up your single use batteries (as you are replacing them with rechargeable batteries) you can give them to your local recyclers. The local schools often have recycling drives too. My niece takes our dead batteries to school for her recycling projects. So its great for her. Not that we have many batteries left any more but now friends pass them on for the school too.

Front Line: Tesla. 

Tesla started off making batteries for cars and have moved on to batteries for storing solar power. This is great for both the sustainable energy industry world wide and also the electric car industry. Here is a short clip to explain: 

Yes i know Tesla has been used as a front liner before. I also know there are some issues with lithium ion batteries and how they are made, but right now this is just the start. It is an amazing way to help people moving to green energy systems to be able to live well and with the thought of helping the environment move away from Fossil fuels. 

Kindness idea: listen to a friend. 

This last few weeks for me has given me the highest highs and some very low lows. And I have been with lots of my friends as they have been through some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of their lives. Things that need celebrating and things that need undivided attention and support. 

Life isn't always easy but one of the greatest kindnesses we can do for our friends is to listen to them. Be there with them. It doesn't mean giving advice, or telling them how to live their lives but instead celebrating with them in their achievements and adventures and holding them and listening to their deepest fears and heartbreaks. 


I hope you are this kind of friend. I also hope you have this kind of friend. 

Love to you all, 
Daena x

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