Friday, March 3, 2017

Lent dejunk day 2

Hi everyone, 
Just a short post today but a short one is better than none at all!!! 😁

So today in my gift to charity is a very nice Sparkly bracelet!!! 
It's so shiny!!!! 

Why would I get rid of something so pretty you might ask? Well it really is beautiful but it's no very practical for someone like me who does a lot with their hands. The bits that hold the gems in (I'm sure they actually have a name) always catch on my clothes. So I tend to put this bracelet on admiringly then do something like turn to my left in a flourish and my dress gets caught on the bracelet. This makes me sad. But alas it is so. 

Hence this gorgeous bracelet makes this days gift of kindness for lent! 

Also, I found a HUGE stack of Unused postcards that I've picked up on my travels.
 If anyone wants a postcard from me from a range of interesting places then let me know (you can message the Facebook page or leave a message here & I'll get back to you). So many interesting places. I'll even send a kind word or two, or my favourite kindness quote or something. I feel like they need to be given an opportunity to be shown off to the rest of the world not just my box of postcards & memories. 

Hope this finds you well. Feel free to join the kindness Lenten dejunk. I've had friends & family members post photos of their stuff or physically give me their stuff to go in the charity shop bag. 

I have a permanent bag in my room now that people in my house can just put stuff they don't want anymore but is good enough for charity! It's such a simple kindness. 

Sending love, and maybe postcards. 
Love Daena x

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