Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lent gifting day 29

What skills do you have that you could use to help someone else? What talents do you have that you could use as a kind act for another? I am askin because today I realised that I've been doing some kindnesses for a while for my friends or family members. 

I have completed two degrees (undergraduate and postgraduate) and I'm currently working on a new one. In that time I've had to read hundreds of my own assignments, essays, talks, tutorial notes and referenced millions of books. 

This week my nephew, who is in year 8 (his second year of high school) has been writing a report on Tsunamis, particularly the one that hit Japan in 2011 and sent a nuclear power reactor into meltdown. Fascinating stuff! He writes a great report. 

The kindnesses I have done for him (& a lot of others) is proof reading and editing. When I was doing my undergraduate study in the U.K. I often helped my international ESL (English as a Second Language) friends who needed me to just make sure it was properly... English. 

My nephew on the other hand, whose only language is English, has dyslexia. I proof read and highlight what needs to be changed and then talk him through it. This means his assignments are better to read, have less errors (I'm sure I'm not 100% fool proof), and it gives him more confidence knowing that it's readable and makes sense. 

But doing the proofreading got me thinking how easy kindness is. I just used a skill I've honed in my academic life to help my nephew who is just really starting his academic journey. He wants to go to uni already. He has plans. 

I realised that this is in fact a kindness. Using my skills and helping someone else. It's what I do because I care for my friends and family. I want to see them succeed. I also know what I did to help many others could do too. Maybe you have skills in finance? or putting in a tax return? or using computer programs? Or hair dressing? Or dress making? Or baking? Each one of us has the most amazing and diverse set of skills that if we use to perform acts of kindness we can really change the world. 

I know we are on day 29 of the 40 days of lent challenge. What I wanted to share is how you can use what you already have to make a difference. Like your stuff. I also think talents and skills are just as important to give freely. Mind you I have a lot of stuff that I will happily pass on to the needy. So here is where I share the next thing I've given away. A bonds sports bra.  
It is usually "in bad taste" to show ones "smells" in public. But this is a fairly new purchase of mine that I'm passing on already. It's only a few months old but it doesn't fit and I feel not like myself wearing it. So it needs to go to a better home. So in the opshop bag it goes. 

Well that's all from me today. I hope you are well. What skills, talents and resources do you use to make a difference? What do you do to act kindly towards others? Yourself? The environment? I'm not just asking because I'm I'm curious... I would love more ideas people!!!! 😁😁😁

Much love to you all, 
❤ Daena 

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