Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lent gifting day 28

Recently I talked about giving clothes to friends in a kind of clothing network. My gifting today is 3 pairs of jeans that I'll pass on to a friend (black, navy and purple). If she doesn't want them then she passes them onto people she knows needs them and so on and so forth. I'm so glad I can pass these on to a friend who will use them (or pass them on). They are good quality. and they will last a long time too. I don't need 4 pairs of jeans. 3 of the jeans of which are too small for me (just) so are never very comfortable to wear. Hence they are today's gifts. 
I'm slowly pairing down my wardrobe to be more of a capsule wardrobe. I've been following capsule wardrobes for a while on Pinterest mainly for travel. Or at least how my love of capsule wardrobes started because I only wanted to take a carry on suitcase around the world when I went (if you want to check the carry on travel wardrobes check my Pinterest board here). 

I'm falling in love with the idea of owning less clothes to take the problem of choosing out of my mornings. There is a project called 333. It's 33 clothes pieces for 3 months including shoes and accessories. It's a fantastic challenge. One I might have to give a go in coming months. If you want to see some capsule wardrobes check it my Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest  board. 

I hope this finds you all well. 
Love Daena 

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