Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lent gifting day 7

Today I've been a kindness fairy. I left a little thank you card at one of my favourite restaurants. Just a note to say thank you for being awesome, serving food I can eat (which is actually harder than it should be) and providing welcoming service. 

The food I ate was delicious!!!! Buckwheat vegan pizza with raw toppings & a delicious side salad. So good!!! I am not vegan but often vegan food and gluten free foods go hand in hand. I love it. 
I left the card under the cutlery tray on the table. 

That is how simple kindness can be. 

Simple like giving up some of your stuff during lent! For those who have been following this for the last week... Yes it is easy. Yes it is a kindness that is basically cost free. Almost all of us have extra stuff in our houses and homes in donatable condition that would make a difference to a person, charity or community group. Lots of charities and community groups use op shops to help fundraise for other community events. Which brings the community closer together. 

The lent gifts (40 days of stuff) I'm giving are gifting me the motivation to live a simpler life and live a life I love. 

Today's donation for me is: "firm wear". 
Now the reason I'm donating this is similar to the reason I'm giving away my pantyhose... it's like squeezing a scotch egg into a sausage wrapper and expecting it to work. For me it doesn't. 

I know several women who love this stuff and enjoy the look they get and I'm glad for them! I don't mean to put anyone down who wears this stuff. Forgive me if I have. For me the effort to get into such a thing is too much hard work. Hahaha. It did its civic duty for me and it's time to pass it on. 

Now the reason I'm happy to pass this on is that it was always worn with underwear so it's "safe" to pass on. Most opshops won't take underwear due to hygiene so when my knickers become holy I throw them into the rubbish bin (or compost if they are bamboo or 100% cotton). But this firm wear has lots of life still in it and will make another person very happy!!! So I kind of love passing on useful things! :) 

Thank you firmwear for making sure all my wobbly bits were contained and smoothed out to look less wobbly. You were a wonderful addition to my wardrobe when I needed you! Now I am happy to say goodbye and again thank you for your awesome service. 

It may seem weird that I have said thank you to my clothes/objects as I have given them away. Maria Kondo does this as part of her "life changing magic of tidying up" and I really love it. It helps me process the emotions and acknowledge the role that all objects have had in my life. By thanking them for their help, or physical support in this case, I feel completely okay with passing them on to someone else they can provide value to. All the objects I've gifted have done their job for me and now they can move on and be used for someone else. Instead of being stored unused in my cupboard forever. 

I hope you are well. What can you give up to be kinder? 

And in the words of my favourite podcast... "Love people and use stuff because the opposite never works" - the Minimalists (from www.theminimalists.com)

Love Daena xx

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