Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lent gifting day 11

Another day to give something away! This lent gifting is interesting. I'm over a quarter of the way there now!!!! Today's offering to the charity bag...
 This is a shirt I only wore a few times. I really liked it. That was until I realised the shirt was partly see through intentionally. It wasn't threadbare or anything, in fact it was excellent quality. It was just the style to show the shirt underneath. I decided that even though I could wear something under it, it didn't really suit me either, but because I loved the colour I wanted to keep it. I also knew that adding an extra layer would make it too hot for me to wear, which is a shame. I am so grateful for this clothing item because a friend handed this one on to me from their collection of clothes. I am so grateful for my friend who gave it to me because I don't enjoy clothes shopping and she does. I got to wear the shirt a few times and I hope that I exuded confidence in it even when I did know it was sheer! So thank you shirt for doing your best for me and I hope you find someone who will love you! 

How are you going getting rid of stuff? What could you give to charity? What could you donate to someone who needs it more? 

Giving up your excess and acting with kindness to others is awesome! Keep up the good work. 

Love Daena xx

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