Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lent gifting day 24

I drew graphs at the beginning of the month to get the kids in the family excited about colouring in and donating stuff to charity. 

Well I've helped mum go through her book case. She got rid of over 50 books in one sitting. All of which have already been donated to charity. She is so fast. And the coolest thing is the first graph that I posted she wasn't even assigned a colour yet. Now she's blue and her column is full!!! Go mum!!! So proud. 

The left side was a few weeks ago and the right side is the most recent. Pretty cool huh?! 

My niece and nephew are currently neck and neck on the donating schedule. They are seeing it as a donating competition between the two which is kind of amusing since my niece wasn't very keen in the first place. Hehehe. 

So today's gifts are two fold, or two blown, depending how you look at it. Hahaha. 
In my "gift box" I had two blow up beach bits: A ball and a swim ring. Sadly there aren't very many occasions when you can give these as gifts. So donating them still in their packets is a nice way to get them out of my life and into someone else's. Someone who has a pool and who can use these more than I ever would have. 

I'm doing my best to donate things that are good quality and could be resaleable. Like the two blow up toys above. This week I'm getting a few things mended to then donate them to an opshop. 

I have a pair of shoes with a broken strap that just pulled out from the sole. These shoes broke once before (the other shoe) so i know it will only cost me about $10AUD to fix. Considering they were shoes I bought in England and are pretty good quality (apart from the said "breaks") I want to be able to pass them on again. I also want to keep them out of landfill. The reason I'm getting rid of them is that the heel on these shoes are just too tall for me. They would be perfect for other people who aren't afraid they will fall over and break something- like I am. So to the opshop they will go when they get fixed. I'll show them when they at finally fixed!

Okay well... that's me for the day. And in the words from off my Kindness Pinterest Board picture... 
Much love to you all. 
Love Daena x

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