Monday, March 20, 2017

Lent gifting day 20

Half way through lent! That means only 20 days until Easter! Yay! 

My nephew has his Easter plan ready. Go to church with Grandma on Easter morning and enjoy the massive breakfast that the church puts on after the service. That boy is ruled by food. But he is almost a teenager so it's completely understandable. 

What about my plans? Me? We I plan to go to church and enjoy the breakfast too but I've realised a little flaw in one of the things I've given up. Usually at this time of year I start buying stuff for Easter. Sometimes I'm already organised with Easter themed mugs or egg shaped chalks and chocolate eggs. However this year I've given up buying "stuff" so I've really been thinking about what to do for the kids and my family for Easter. 

This really has me thinking outside the box. I can buy them an experience, a food item or write a voucher for a future event, which means no "stuff" is bought & I stick to my own rules. Plus any food I buy,for my nephew, will definitely be appreciated. I think that's the same for my niece. 

I do like how I have to think more creatively. What can I do to make each person feel special? Celebrate with an experience or a special food item that the kids only get very rarely ie. like a packet of sweet potato crisps, a glass jar of pickles or olives and or a glass bottle of sparkling water (don't ask me how but this is a treat for them but it is).

I've also thought about doing a kindness on behalf of another person. So I do it and give them the credit. Alternatively I could record a little report for them so they know what I did and how I did it. 

Things like... lent gifting! Was that a good Segway? I'm working on it! Hehhehe. 

Today's kindness gifting is...

Roll on shimmer powder. It cost me $0.10 AUD. it's also a remnant of my "gift box". I think i bought it with the intention of giving it to my niece. She doesn't do well with lots of makeup though. She, my sister and I all have sensitivities to certain types of makeups. And a cheap brand isn't likely to be good for her or me... or anyone else in my family really. 

So donating to charity means someone else with different skin to us can use it and enjoy it. That makes me happy. I hate having stuff that's been sitting there for ages without being used. It will finally find a home that's not in my home. Which I also love. 

Hope you are well. 

What are your Easter plans? Do you celebrate at all? Do you eat chocolate? Do you have any fun traditions? I'd love to hear about them. 

Love Daena x

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