Friday, March 3, 2017

Lent dejunk day 3

G'day everyone, 

Are you surprised to see me back again so soon?! Well you have a point. I have been working to write more often. So with this lent game I figure if I can catalog it I have a reason to keep writing here. Plus you can see how easy it is to be kind without spending cash! :) 

So the game is to give away something every day for 40 days and then donate those things at the end of the 40 days and donate them to charity. My niece joined in the fun today and got rid of 4 books (4 days worth). Which was awesome. She is a bit like me when it comes to books. She's turned into quite the bibliophile. So getting rid of books is hard from her. Which makes me super proud! 

Lent day 3- farewell old boots!!! 


You have served me well! But alas it is time to make your way in this big wide world of ours! May you make someone else sing "these boots are made for walking"! May you also give them many good memories! Thank you for your service! ❤👢👢❤

Doing this challenge over the next 40 days hasn't stopped me doing other kindnesses either. 

Kindnesses I've performed over the last few days since starting the lent challenge... sharing my stash of chocolate (this is a HUGE kindness... hehehe), helping a friend with her new business, making cups of tea, baby sitting, chauffeuring, sending encouragement to friends both near & far, writing good reviews for apps and services I've used, said bless you when someone sneezed, made polite & engaging conversation with shop keepers, helped shorter people reach stuff (I'm not even that tall), smiled at strangers, made a baby laugh (she stopped screaming her head off whilst I played peekaboo with her), helped the CWA community coordinator pack up stuff for deliveries, Oh and Letting people in during traffic congestion (it would have been so easy to get mad at them pushing in but instead doing it gracefully and kindly made it so much better for everyone). I think that's all?! 

Seriously... kindness is easy & means a lot to those who are on the receiving end.

 "Spread kindness around like Confetti!"

Hope you are well. 
Love Daena x

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