Monday, March 27, 2017

Lent gifting day 27

Wow...27 days in and I almost can't believe how much stuff is going out of our house. There are 3 HUGE garbage bags in the hallway ready to go plus a few smaller bags to go to different friends and family members. We still have 13 days to go until Easter Sunday, which will mark the end of Lent and the end of this gifting kindness project. The hard bit is realising you can barely tell where I've been... mum at least has half a book case empty, which makes her gifting noticeable. I still have so much stuff! Maybe the next 13 days I can give more?! 

Today I went through my gift box and found a bunch of towels. Yes, towels. I thought I would get them embroidered and then gift them for wedding gifts or for housewarming parties but something always came along that fitted the people more. So I decided that the towels would be better used by a homeless shelter. 
So that's what I'm going to do. I've got them wrapped in a bag to take to one of the shelters or refuges that we visit in the next few weeks. Whoever wants them can have them. And usually they are in high demand. I may even buy some body wash, shampoo and conditioner and some combs or something to help the staff at some of these places make hygiene packs. CWA makes these up. Only last week I helped mum, as the CWA community coordinator, make up about 100 of these hygiene packs for donations to charity 

The lent gifts today are two black bath sheets, a black hand towel and a flannel, plus a cream coloured towel too. I'm calling this a single donation because it's going to one place (& really I need to give more of my stuff away if I ever plan to move). I bet you wouldn't believe how much space I now have in my Present box now that I've gotten rid of these out of it?! So much space!!! Soon I may even be able to repurpose the box to something more useful. 

Today also marks 3 years since my mum had both of her breasts removed because of cancer (it's called a double mastectomy). She is not over the long term affects and problems of having the surgery (& never will be over some things). But it's been 3 years since she got the cancer removed from her body. 3 years without cancer is a win! I am so proud of her. We are all celebrating life today! She has done so much & achieved so much in those 3 years since she had her surgery. None of us will be the same again. I like to think it's just made each one of us stronger. And I'm so grateful I still have my mum around to hug, talk to and just be around. She's awesome. I know... I am biased! 😁

Alright that's enough for me. What kindnesses have you been doing? What's the greatest kindness someone has done for you? 

Love Daena x

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