Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lent gifting day 25

Tonight was Earth Hour. One hour without electricity to show your solidarity with the earth. I've done it most years. 
 It's always fun playing cards in the dark with my family. Kindness for the environment tonight. Another kindness to tick off the list! 

Today's donation to charity is this waistcoat that I bought in England for a pirate party all those years ago (almost 10). I've used it for all kinds of things over the years. Usually to dress up as a pirate repeatedly after all It's an easy fall back costume. I do dress up a lot because I enjoy dressing up. 
It might also work for a hobbit costume too but sadly it's not what I want to keep anymore. It's never fit me properly. I bought it second hand (for about £2) and cut holes in the opposite side of the button holes, thread ribbon through it for a Halloween costume 10 years ago when I was living in Hull, Yorkshire, England, UK. As an international student studying at the university I had lots of fun adventures. Halloween was one of them. But shopping cheap was a necessity. At that time the British Pound was about 3-1. $3AUD for £1 British Pound. So it was quite painfully expensive to live there at the time. I did have a wonderful time though. 

The waistcoat has great memories but I don't want to keep it just because it has memories. I have lots of photos and other bits and pieces that I love much more than this one item of clothing. So I'm pleased to pass it on to someone else who can enjoy it as much as I did. Maybe they will be a pirate or a hobbit. Or maybe they will be a milkmaid or a streampunker. Anyway it is used it will be worth it. It has lots of life left in it. 

Hope you are well. 
Love Daena 

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