Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lent gifting day 23

I have just come out from watching the musical Matilda from the Burswood theatre here in Perth, Western Australia. And it was fantastic. 

(Ps. This is the $3 dress I bought the other day... with pockets!!!!) 

I decided at Christmas last year that i wanted to give less stuff and focus more on giving experiences. Tonight was one of those nights that it came to fruition. The girls of the family went to Matilda. My niece thinks I'm the best aunt in the world, my sister was thrilled she got to see it and my mum...she just loved it. I am so blessed I was able to organise such excellent tickets with help from my BFF and her mum. Thank you!!!! So blessed. 

Above I showed you a picture and celebrated my new dress with pockets which I love. Sadly not every dress or skirt (with or without pockets) suits me, looks good on me or feels comfortable to wear. Like this pocket-ed skirt. For some reason it just didn't suit me so I decided that instead of it hiding in the back of my closet where I celebrated its pockety-goodness, but never wore it, it needed to find someone else to love it just as much as me. It's such a shame it doesn't look good on me but that's life. Not every style or shape suits everyone. 
Thank you pocket skirt. You inspired me to keep looking for pockets in fashion. You gave me hope that there was such a thing. I hope you find a new owner who can wear you and show off your pockets with pride! Hehehe. 

I guess I sound weird for saying thank you to my clothes. but I've discovered that if I say thanks and let it go I'm less likely to climb into the charity bag to get something out again. I don't need it so it's easier to let go of if I say thank you and goodbye to it. Plus I'm happily a little weird. 

I hope you are all well and healthy. 
Love Daena x

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