Monday, September 10, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 10

I found myself using Paper towel today because it was just easier. It qwas a knee jerk reaction to spilling coconut oil eberywhere. I was able to throw the paper towel in the compost. However, I was hoping to make one day papertowel free. iit just shows you how much we use it and how even with thebext intentions we still make mistakes.

The idea today is simple...

10. Use a metal or glass straw

Okay, I’ll admit it will take time to have this one actually save you some money. However, this product will last you a lifetime (except the glass one if you drop it) and you can reuse it over and over again. Comparatively, a single use plastic straw will be able to be used once and then never be used again, whilst lasting a lifetime.

So in the efforts to be as honest with you all as possible i want you to know its okay to make some mistakes. I bought my stainless steel straws online from eBay for about $4 for 8 straws with 4 brushes.

I ended up keeping two of these straws for me and my mum, giving 4 to my sister for her family as part of a Christmas gift and gave another two away as gifts also. I must admit it was great in some ways because it was super cheap, but here is where i made a few little mistakes. When I got the straws they were each individually wrapped in plastic and they were also shipped from china. Not my finest moment but at the time finance was the most pressing concern I had. So I went with cheap eco products over locally produced, which is a shame as not long after I bought these cheap straws someone in my suburb started selling the ones they had made themselves. Which would have been amazing to purchase.

If you look at how much a box of plastic straws cost (Approximately) you'd need to take 10 uses of a single use straw to make your money worth spending. hich is rediculous. Not to mention saying no to plastic straws will be saving lives in the long run as a lot on sea animals struggle to survive with plastic contamination in our oceans. Sadly, there are some disturbing videos on the internet of animals with straws in their noses. It hurts my heart to look at them, but it was enough to see that i wanted to buy a metal straw and start refusing single use plastic straws almost immediately.

I hope this finds you well.

love Daena x

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