Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 day 9

Today was the first I have had to explore Reading. My boyfriend, G arrived this morning for the day and It was lovely. We wandered all over the place together. Sadly I had an issue with my phone so I couldnt take any photos, but it did help me focus my attention and my energy on spending time together.

I realised today how beautiful my new city is and how much fun I will have living here.

I am still learning where the bulk stores are, so yesterdays Sustainable september idea hasn't been so much a practical idea as one in theory for now, but when i settle down I will be keen to shop in bulk a lot more.

However, yesterdays idea leads on quite nicely to todays Sustainable September idea.

Day 9. Stop using Paper towel 

That’s right… you heard me... don't do it. Why? you may ask. it is because it is a single use product when we dont need to just throw away something to get the same affect.

This idea is something that I want to impliment this coming year.  I dont know how easy it will be, but I want to give it a go.

After yesterday I hope you’ve not run out and bought a huge pack of 16 rolls of paper towel, but if you have that’s okay. Use them up. And then you can make the swap.

If you make a swap to use recycled scrap fabric instead of buying lots of paper-towel, you not only save yourself a fortune but you can cut up dead/holy/stained cotton t-shirt/towels/sheets. That then means you can safely discard, when the rags look like they are passed it, into the compost, as cotton, bamboo and wool can be composted as they are natural fibers.

I, honestly, use paper towel a lot. I know I would have struggled at the place I have just moved from, because the cats would often throw up on the carpet/floor. Whilst I would have been okay with washing and reusing some rags, I would probably dedicate some specifically to that situation.

What Sustainable september idea have you implimented? or which Sustainable September idea do you think will have to be a slow introduction to your home?

I would love to know what you think or what you do to make the world a better place. A KINDER place for all.

Love to you all,
Daena x

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