Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sustainable September Day 6

It was my first day out on an excavation site for my new Archaeology job yesterday. 
It is so exciting. Well... maybe not for everyone but definitely for me! 

One cool thing is discovering what people threw in "middens" thats archaeology talk for "rubbish bin". I guess this last few days has helped me see what historical and ancient people ate, used and threw away hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago.

Todays idea combines what I have been looking at this week in my job with what we are doing now, and could do more of, to manage our own waste, and save money at the same time.

Day 6 - Compost 

Why would this save you money? Well when all those awesome veggies you will be growing from your food scraps... from all the extra veggies you would be using from Meat free Mondays/Weekday Vegetarianism... you are going to need to keep your now thriving veggies healthy and strong.

Need to know how to start a compost bin? Here is a very quick video to get you on your way.
If this doesnt have enough information in it for you, you can type in " How to make a Compost bin" into YouTube and you will find hundred and thousands of ideas to get you on your way. Just don't do what I did and fall down the YouTube hole and come out a few hours later having learned all the ins and outs of all kinds of composting. I think i still have so much to learn sharing some of the things i have learned to help others and the environment is probably the best idea for kindness today.

I admit Composting isn't a fast idea. I will take some time for your compost to be useful for your garden as food scraps break down. Once it does, however, you will be pretty pleased with yourself. Not only for making awesome soil for your garden but also for creating a simple way of getting rid of your own food waste, so it doesnt end up in landfill.

When I set up my little garden I was able to buy 3 x 20Lt bags of compost and mulch for £6 ($12AUD). I ended up not using two of the bags and giften them to someone who is building their own garden. YAY Kindness! If I had been making my own compost I could have saved some £££/$$$. Not heaps of money, but every dollar/pound you don't spend on food/compost/anything really, is money that could go towards things that really bring you joy.

I hope this gives you some inspiration!

Love Daena

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