Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 15

Today I am back in Wales visiting my boyfriend. We were supposed to go for a walk between Cardiff and Caerphilly but its now pouring with rain. Whoops! however it gives me a bit of time to post this Blog.

Sustainaible September idea for ...

Day 15. Create a capsule wardrobe

This idea works so well with the  I have done this the last few years and its made a huge difference to not only what I buy but what I wear and how made up I look. And it also means I can be lazier, as everything in my wardrobe goes together.

This is my list of clothes and then I label them in order of what I want to include in my Capsule wardrobe for the next 3 months. 

I only buy things I LOVE and this stops me from buying unnecessary things just because they are cheap. I also make sure that I try everything I buy on. This works in great colaboration with the 30x Rule. Because only when you know it fits with your capsule wardrobe AND you absolutely love it enough to wear it at least 30x will you buy the right things for you.

This stops me from purchasing stuff that I will have to return later. Or in my case, before this, forget to return the items and leave in the bottom of the closet for too long, only for it to never get used and then eventually found and donated to charity with its tags still on.

If we are more deliberate with our choices then we can save money from buying things that will not serve us.

I originally started this by putting together a travel capsule wardrobe for my round the world trip in 2013. I cant believe that it was so long ago.

If you already have a great capsule wardobe, consider giving Project 333 a go! 33 items of clothing for a 3 month period.
I follow the hashtag #Project333 on Instagram too. which is a great source of inspiration.

I hope this finds you all well.

Love Daena x

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