Friday, September 28, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 28

I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by! It’s unbelievable! After today there are only two more days! Two until the end of Sustainable September! I thought I would talk about something that I’ve been making every morning before work and consuming on my walk to work. And that’s ... Tea!!!. But I make it simple and take it in a travel mug which is what today’s idea is all about! 

Day 28. Use a reusable Coffee/Tea Cup 

This is great when it comes to going to coffee shops as you can save yourself a few cents/pence anytime you buy a cup of tea or coffee take away.

Using reusables is also much better for the environment.

I have also been using mine everyday as I walk from my house to the office in the mornings

As the mornings get colder and I need a cup of something to keep me warm. 

It turns out that a warm/hot cup to take with me as I leave home is also a great hand-warmer as I walk to work every morning.

I know the first few time going to a coffee shop you might forget but its an opportunity to take that time to sit in and enjoy a ceramic mug instead.

If you are a cafe owner and are looking for ideas, you can always do like this little cafe in Australia has done ... ban single use coffee cups, and provide an option for those who forget.

I hope this helps, enjoy the clips from both UK and Australian War on Waste.

As it comes to colder weather, you could do simple kindnesses, like Suspended coffees or even giving homeless a couple dollars for a hot drink, a coffee card for a local cafe, or even inviting someone to join you for a cup or tea or coffee.

Love Daena x

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