Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 - Day Two

Good day my lovely friends!

I shared yesterday that this week I am moving to a new town, house-hunting, starting a new job and doing my best to keep as connected to my friends, family and boyfriend as possible. So I am keeping it short and sweet for now...
Day Two: Take your own reusable water bottle – Seriously this is a real money saver. 

In Australia it cost about $3AUD or even £1.50 per 600mls of water in a plastic bottle here in the UK. If you average that as 4 bottles a day (for minimum water intake of 2Lts) then by taking and refilling your own water bottle you can save yourself $12AUD or £6 per day. Which if you do this alone would be $4380AUD per year or £2190. Even if you can get cheaper bottled water that is still a significant cost in a year. 

If you buy soft drinks, that is often a greater cost again, although your average person wouldn’t purchase it as regularly as water. However, if you did use 4 single use plastic bottles (600ml bottles) that’s 1460 bottles that are not going to landfill or needed to be recycled. Cheaper for your hip pocket and cheaper for the environment. 

If you drink from single use water bottles because of the taste, check out getting a water filter instead. It will save you and fortune and save all those plastic water bottles ending up in landfill. 

For Plastic Free July I did some stuff on instagram including sharing about my water bottles. 

I hope this finds you all well.
Sending love to you all.
Love Daena

ps. What is your best tip for using your reusable water bottle?

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