Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 20

When I first planned this Sustainable September idea I had no idea I would be using this idea again so soon!

Day 20. Repair what you already have.

This has already saved me a bit of cash in the UK recently when my favourite pair of PJ pants split at the crotch seam. That’s right ladies and gently man I had a hole in my pants/trousers.

Back in Australia I had my very own sewing machine that I could whip out and fix little mistakes with, but I don’t have one here. I simply had to make do. So I hand-sewed up the hole. It saved my about £10 ($18 AUD) because I didn’t have to buy a new pair of cotton flannel Pyjama pants. Plus who can resist these pink penguin PJ pants???

(The hole I had to fix. Before and after! And the two cute cats that watched it all). 

Certainly not me. It would have made me very sad to say good bye to them, as they have been some of my favourites for years.

I even had to repair my favourite pink bird jumper. It had a loose threat that made it look terribly scruffy, so I managed to almost completely get the threat back in place, but the last tiny loop wasn’t having a bar of going back into its little home. Instead I got a very fine crochet hook and pulled it through to the inside of the jumper. 
(Me having fun at Cardiff Castle a few months ago in my favourite jumper!!!) 

Now you can’t tell that there is a loose threat loop, which means I can go back to wearing that jumper again and again. I don’t have to buy a new jumper/sweater. Plus for me that jumper is irreplaceable as I’ve never seen one like it before or since owning it. I really do love it.

And this week... well i dropped my phone and smashed the screen. 

 his is something I have never had to get fixed before as I havn't broken one until now. I would have expected to smash my phone screen out in the field but I actually did it as I was leaving work. It fell out of my back pocket and landed on a rock. I am so lucky to have never had to deal wtih this before. So now it's time... and I am getting it replaced! Today in fact! Winning!

Repairing broken things instead of replacing things is a sure way to save money. A new phone screen for an apple phone is about £80 ($150 AUD) however the cost of a new phone is so much more, well into the hundreds of pounds.

In Australia they are creating Repair Sheds, where you can go and get anything repaired or you can go and LEARN how to repair your broken items.

I am yet to find a Repair shop/shed equivalent here in the UK but i havn't had a really good look.

What was the thing you want to repair?
What would was the best thing you ever had repaired or managed to repair yourself?

I hope this finds you all well.

In the words of Ellen Degenerous "Be kind to one another"!
Love Daena x

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