Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 23

Welcome back. I cant believe that we have had three weeks of Sustainable September already! Where has the time gone?

This weekend has been pretty wild weather in the UK with a massive storm going over and causing flooding and issues all over. So if you are somewhere here, be careful and stay safe.

Todays idea is a bit of a DIY project. Sustainable September idea for...

Day 23. Make your own bin liners.

I was so impressed to see my sister and the ladies from my CWA of WA (Country Woman’s Association of Western Australia) branch make bin liners out of newspaper recently. They did this because there has been a backlash in Australia about how people will cope without plastic bin liners, when they don’t have free plastic bags from the supermarkets, to use for this purpose.

Here is the thing, if you compost your wet things, like veggie & fruit scraps, and only put dry things in your rubbish bins, then you don’t NEED plastic bin liners. Paper ones should work out fine.

Plus there is a now a saving. If you are now going to have to BUY bin liners you will be saving money by making them from your local Community Newspaper (once you have finished reading it) or even by raiding your neighbours recycling bin for their weekend West. In the UK there are free newspapers everywhere, so it isn’t hard to find a replacement for this either.

You can use this great clip from Boomerang Bags for one possible way to make these bin liners:
There are a lot of other simple or much more complicated ideas for bin liners but i like how this video shows you a fast version of what you will be making and then a "how to" section. So, if you miss the first time through don't worry... it is explained in detail in the second half of the video.

A cute kindness idea is, you could make some of these and gift them to a friend, family member or aquaintence.

I hope this finds you all well.
Love Daena

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